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Polish Nevomo selected for hyperloop freight demonstrator

Warszawa, Poland (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking move that heralds a new chapter in European transport innovation, the Institute of Hyperloop Technology (IHT) at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Germany, has announced its collaboration with Nevomo, a leading European deep-tech company specializing in MagRail technology. This strategic partnership aims to propel next generation mobility solutions forward, focusing on integrating MagRail technology into the IHT’s “CargoTube” high-speed freight demonstrator.

The integration of Nevomo’s MagRail propulsion system and power electronics into the CargoTube project represents a significant milestone in the evolution of hyperloop and rail technologies. This strategic alliance validates the feasibility and viability of seamlessly combining rail with hyperloop and paves the way for future advancements in Hyperrail and Ultra-High-Speed rail systems.

According to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Sch√ľning, a member of the Board of Directors at the Institute of Hyperloop Technology, bringing Nevomo on board as a technology partner for the GoTube project has accelerated the technical development of their initiative. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both parties to push the boundaries of
innovation in the mobility sector.

CargoTube, touted as a revolutionary low-pressure tube transport (LPTT) solution, offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional hyperloop systems. By leveraging proven technologies, CargoTube can be swiftly deployed in freight transport, making it a pragmatic precursor to more complex hyperloop implementations. Moreover, CargoTube boasts lower safety and infrastructure requirements while remaining compatible with emerging hyperloop standards and technologies.

Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, another esteemed member of the Institute of Hyperloop Technology’s Board of Directors, highlighted the significance of integrating magnetic propulsion into CargoTube. This advancement facilitates a contactless, guided, and levitating system for high-speed applications, promising enhanced efficiency and safety in freight transportation.

Nevomo’s expertise in developing scalable solutions for both conventional and maglev rail transport positions them as a pivotal player in advancing interoperability and multimodality in future transport systems across Europe and beyond. By adopting an incremental approach inspired by hyperloop technologies, Nevomo aims to drive innovation and reliability in high-speed transport networks.

Stefan Kirch, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder of Nevomo, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in reclaiming Europe’s leadership in ultra-high-speed rail technology. By seamlessly linking railway and hyperloop systems through MagRail as a bridging technology, Nevomo and its partners aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of this integration.

Nevomo’s MagRail technology, utilizing passive maglev based on linear propulsion, holds the promise of revitalizing Europe’s role in sustainable mobility innovation. With a focus on interoperability and multimodality, MagRail has the potential to propel Europe to the forefront of global transportation innovation.

Following successful testing of MagRail technology, including magnetic levitation and electromagnetic propulsion, on its test track, Nevomo’s MagRail will soon be showcased in an operational hyperloop demonstrator at the University of Applied Sciences in Emden.

The Institute of Hyperloop Technology, founded in 2021, aims to accelerate hyperloop development and applications through interdisciplinary research and collaboration. By establishing an international consortium, the Institute seeks to foster a Large-Scale Hyperloop Research and Technology Facility in Europe, driving standardized hyperloop ecosystem development.

In conclusion, the partnership between Nevomo and the Institute of Hyperloop Technology represents a significant step forward in advancing European transport innovation. With MagRail technology at its core, the CargoTube project promises to revolutionize freight transportation, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for linking urban areas, economic regions, and manufacturing plans.