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Swisspod starts building hyperloop test track at PuebloPlex

PUEBLO COLORADO — Construction is underway for Swisspod’s full-scale test track of its hyperloop transportation system at the PuebloPlex near the Pueblo Airport.

The Swiss startup is working with railroad advisory company MxV Rail to build and test a full-scale prototype on land at the current US Army Chemical Depot site.

CEO Denis Tudor told News 5 during a video call that he expects the first 350 feet of tubing to be installed by the end of March, and 700 feet of tubing by the end of the year.

“This is going to be the first full-scale, self-contained hyper vehicle in the world, which means that everything, all the technology is going to be on board, and the track, it’s totally passive,” Tudor said.

The vehicle design that will be tested in Pueblo is intended for cargo transportation. However, the company envisions future passenger transportation at astonishing speeds.

Tudor said he plans to visit Colorado this summer as Swisspod begins construction of a production facility for its hyperloop vehicle. Construction of the test track is all sourced through Colorado contractors.

Swisspod plans to test many of the critical systems of their vehicle at the PuebloPlex test track including the avionics and autopilot systems.