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Capsules for Ukrainian Hyperloop to be produced in Kremenchuk

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan stated that the passenger capsule for Ukrainian Hyperloop can be produced at the Kriukivskyi wagon building plant. It is located in the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava region. The Minister of Infrastructure stated this during his visit to the enterprise, as Unian news agency reports.

“We are going to produce the Hyperloop capsule here”, – Omelyan said during the observing of the production process.

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As we reported earlier, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine expressed perspectives on implementing Hyperloop in Ukraine. 

On January 25, the project “High-speed transport Hyperloop for the short-term period in Ukraine” and the scientific and technological research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the implementation of Hyperloop in Ukraine were presented.

A memorandum on launching the HypeUA Transport Innovation Project in the framework of the innovative transport technologies in Ukraine project, firstly the High-speed transport system Hyperloop, was signed in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on February 2018.

The project includes creating the testing ground in Dnipro city and the encouraging of Ukrainian companies to invent new technologies for the project.

Hyperloop is the cutting-edge type of terrestrial (or underground) transport, which is an air-cushion train that moves under forevacuum conditions. The Transport Innovation Project was suggested by the American inventor Elon Musk in 2013. He presented his idea as the fifth transport type, in addition to trains, plains, cars, and ships.

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